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Jacklamart Manual Stainless Steel Mini Juicer – Portable, Durable, & Easy to Wash

Smartly Designed Easy-To-Use Fruit Squeezer Making Fresh Juices for Your Baby
  • Manual, easy squeezing
  • Designed for safe squeezing
  • Durability guaranteed with stainless steel construction
  • The small design offers portability
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Easy storage
Product Description

A uniquely designed fresh fruit, a manual juicer that offers a lot of conveniences, safe function, and portability. Aimed for home use and especially for making fresh drinks for your baby, this mini juicer helps moms immensely with its safe, manual, and effortless design that makes fresh, pure juice instantly. The smallholding cup allows moms to make fresh juice in small quantities, just right for their baby’s one portion.

The manual mini juicer is designed to offer performance without compromising on your health. High-quality stainless steel construction offers immense durability and consistent performance over time, whereas the high corrosion resistance and non-reactive qualities discourage bacteria build up.

It is slip-free and highly stable because the firm base allows you to keep the machine in place while you make the juices you want. The leverage technique design uses a long, comfortable handle on a heavy-alloy body that helps you effortlessly produce up to 30% more pressing force than other hand pressing products available in the market.

The fruit rests in drip-free housing and the leverage handle presses it down. The juice is directed through the triangular hose with effortless filtration and steady pouring.

Use this manual mini juicer to make fresh juice for your baby and yourself with little effort and no electricity costs.

    Product Specifications

    Material                      : Stainless steel
    Design                        : Leverage pedal for easy squeezing
    Brand                          : None
    Weight                        : 1.85 lb (840g)
    Dimensions                 : 8.66 x  x 4.25 x 3.94 inches (220 x 108 x 100 mm)
    Color                           : Original stainless steel silver
    Suitable for                 : Citrus (oranges, lemons, etc.), watermelon, and other soft, juicy fruits



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