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Jacklamart Rechargeable Portable SOS Alarm Tether for The Elderly, Women & Children

Compact Design with Loud Alarm to Offer Convenience and Portability Without Compromising On Quality of Alarm

This emergency self-defense siren is the perfect companion for isolated commute routes after night shifts, an early-morning track runs, or if you live in a neighborhood with the high street crime rate. You can also give it to the elderly in your home who might have emergency medical needs. Just one press of the alarm button creates loud sirens that attract the attention of people at any distance up to 300 yards away. The siren continues to blast for up to 50 minutes at 130 dB.

The LED flashlight starts flashing as soon as the alarm is turned on. On a full battery, the lamp can continue to flash for 5.5 hours continuously, which the chances of discovery by attracting the people nearby for hours. The bright flashlight has a stronger beam than a regular emergency alarm flash, which increases visibility in poor weather as well. In wet conditions, the

Since the battery of the device can be recharged in 30 minutes with a standby time of 6 months, you can keep the alarm ready to go easily. It is also designed to be metal-free, which means you can take it through airport security without a problem.

The compact keychain tether design emergency alarm is designed to be your round-the-clock companion. You can easily tether the alarm device to your belt loops, handbag strap, backpack zipper, or keychain.

The device is super-easy to operate, gets recharged in half an hour, and is highly portable. It will be an effective measure to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Product Specifications

Material: Recyclable ABS materials

Alarm sound strength: 130 dB

Water resistance: IP44 standard

Color: White, Blue, Pink




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